Tuesday, September 06, 2016

If St. Patrick had come to Virginia

He would have taught the Trinity not with a shamrock but with the oak
they are plentiful in our forests and sometimes acorns grow in perfect threes
He would have said
God contains wonders do not try to apprehend

He would have said
you may find it marvelous now but wait
for God must fall to the earth and die to bring new life
and then he would have added
one day it will even yield a sturdy wood
like the kind for making crosses

And tossing it in his hand he would have said
God seems small at this point but when allowed to grow the branches prosper so far about
that even birds of the air may come and lodge therein
a leafy kingdom no one can control
save the wind

And knowing its mystery cannot even be beheld in late summer
when the acorn survives the fall from the sky
he would have saved that precious Triune package
and buried it like a treasure in a field
in the dead of winter.