Sunday, August 06, 2017

Living Word

There is a story in the Bible
of a man
whose friends remove a roof
to bring their friend to Jesus
they lower him on his mat
above the heads of the people
and drop him at the Healer's feet.
Today in church
I watched a girl--
no more than 6 years old--
and return during a hymn
carrying a walker
took both hands
pulled up to her chin
legs clanging against the pews
but it got her grandma to
the communion rail
Some say the stories in Scripture
never happened
I say not true
How can they not have happened
when they are still happening?

Wednesday, February 01, 2017


May the oily stain upon my shoulder
from the morning bottle feed
or the one tiny oatmeal-covered hand
that grasped me in delight
Which stands out against the pitch black
of my crisp, clean clergy shirt
become a stubborn reminder
within my range of sight
Of the other mark upon my life
The stain that holds me fast
That says my life—each day!—begins in joy
A bearer of the light