Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hymn at the Advent Wreath

I've composed my first hymn! I became inspired to think up a little ditty that would help our congregation, especially the children, to focus on preparing for Jesus (as opposed to preparing for Christmas) during the weeks of Advent. We sang each verse as we lit a candle on the Advent wreath. I also wrote a corresponding tune, but I don't know how to copyright it yet (and don't know if it even deserves it). Here are the verses:

Come, Lord Jesus, bring us peace;
And from fear and sin release
All the children you have made.
Jesus, bring us peace.

Come, Lord Jesus, bring us love:
Perfect blessing from above.
Turn our hearts to seek your grace.
Jesus, bring us love.

Come, Lord Jesus, bring us joy.
Every little girl and boy
Longs to hear your gentle voice.
Jesus, bring us joy.

Come, Lord Jesus, hope to bring.
Let the whole creation sing:
"You are Peace! And Love! And Joy!
Jesus, hope you bring!"

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Travis said...

Can't wait to hear it!