Wednesday, June 14, 2006

4th-century faith

Today in my sermon preparation I ran across this treasure of a hymn written by Gregory of Nazianzus. It is so ancient, yet it still sounds as if it could have been written in this century. It even has some "I-me, my-me" characteristics like the hymns popular today. It fascinates me that words written by such a different person from me in such a different time could write something that still resonates with my faith today. How's that for the work of the Holy Spirit!

"O Word of Truth! in devious paths
my wayward feet have trod;
I have not kept the day serene
I gave at morn to God.

And now 'tis night, and night within;
O God, the light hath fled!
I have not kept the vow I made
when morn its glories shed.

For clouds of gloom from nether world
obscured my upward way;
O Christ the Light, thy light bestow
and turn my night to day!"

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