Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sonnet: Mark 8:27-38

Among the empire's gleaming monuments
To human strength and military power--
Attempts to leave eternal testaments,
Withstanding time's attack like fortress tower--
The man's disciples reach a turning point
And questions of identity arise.
Is he Messiah, one God did anoint?
The Son of Man, but somehow in disguise?
Thus gathered there, his kingdom they are taught:
True living comes through dying, gain from loss;
Denial of self, divine things to be sought...
And his most lasting monument--a cross!
            Turn us to know and follow Christ who shows
            The blessed, risen life his death bestows.

© Phillip Martin

ruins at Caesarea Philippi


Robert Ulery said...

Really good!
The reader does stumble twice, unsure what to make of "one God" for "one whom God", and "That" after "show", taken at first reading as a conjunction when a demonstrative is intended. Also, the contraction of "monument's" is jarring in such serious diction; I'd
prefer a dash there. But theologically it's perfect!

Phillip said...

What superb recommedations! Thanks for reading. This one didn't come as easily as the others, and I finally just had to hang it up. But I agree with you assessment. Time for revisions!