Monday, June 10, 2013

Sonnet: Luke 7:11-17

At Nain's town gate two crowds approach each other:
One driven by disciples' fresh obsession,
One gathered to support a grieving mother
Whose only son is borne in death's procession.
And how her cries reveal a deeper anguish!
This widow mourns much more than loss of life:
Bereft of hope, she now is left to languish
And wander, nameless, as misfortune's wife.
So as these dual pageants then converge
Divine compassion counters human pain
As Jesus's touch disrupts the doleful dirge.
The son is raised, but two their lives regain.
          We march through life by grief and sorrow broken
          Until your words of life to us are spoken.

© Phillip Martin, 2013

Mario Minniti, Miracle of the Widow of Nain (1620)

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