Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sonnet: Luke 13:10-17

Those eighteen years had been for her a prison,
Her posture bent in mean captivity,
Until that Sabbath when she stood up, risen—
The gracious touch of God had set her free.
With face at long last pointed toward the skies
She sang her hallelujahs with thanksgiving:
This man of mercy heard her silent cries!
His word of peace restored her joy of living.
For that, indeed, is Sabbath’s true intent,
Despite the rules that man has put in place:
A time for God to straighten what is bent,
Correct sin’s inward curvature with grace.
            Your word alone true Sabbath rest imparts.
           O Christ, with selfless love unbend our hearts!
© Phillip Martin, 2013

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