Monday, October 13, 2014

Sonnet: Matthew 22:15-22

It's been a while since I've been able to sit down and work on one of these. But the ordination of a friend and member of my internship committee this coming Sunday presents a good excuse. I'm glad to hear that Nathan will be one of my ecumenical clergy colleagues now (he's Mennonite), even though I've considered him in many way a mentor and "pastor" since I've known him. His counsel and encouragement was critical for me during my internship year in Cairo, Egypt. He will be a blessing to whichever congregation he serves. I'm glad he's being called into this ministry.

Another trap, another clever test--
The priests would like to see this Rabbi snared
By his own words and, in a moment, pressed
To have his true allegiance thus declared.
A coin that bears the mark of Caesar's face--
This relic of an empire's legal tender--
Provokes the thought in ev'ry time and place:
To whom will God's redeemed their tribute render?
But Caesar's not the only lord who's spoken
Or stamped an image on the human story.
The empire may deserve that copper token,
But our own lives are minted from God's glory!
           And by this Rabbi's grace we heed the call:
           A gladsome tax--reflecting Christ in all.

Phillip Martin © 2014

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